Double conversion UPS


Simply effective power protection

  • Double conversion provides the highest level of protection available by isolating the output power from all input anomalies.
  • With a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry the 93E UPS delivers an efficiency of up to 98,5%.
  • Active power factor correction (PFC) provides unbeatable 0,99 input power and <5% ITHD, thus eliminating interference with other critical equipment in the same network and enhancing compatibility with generators.
  • The UPS is optimized for protecting modern 0,9 p.f. rated IT equipment without the need to oversize.


True reliability

  • Patented Powerware Hot Sync® technology makes possible to parallel up to 4 UPSs in capacity or redundancy. The technology enables load sharing without any communication line, thus eliminating single point of failure and increasing power availability.
  • ABM testing and charging cycle helps you to prevent battery problems and in addition lessens corrosion prolonging battery servicelife up to 50%.


Extensive configurability

  • The 93E offers over 20% smaller footprint compared to competitive UPS offerings.
  • A multilingual graphical LCD display makes possible to monitor the UPS status easily.
  • Wide software and connectivity options provide monitoring, management and shutdown capabilities over the network.
  • Connectivity options are available to suit nearly any communication requirements, from standard serial communications to secure remote monitoring over the Web.
  • Equipped with a backfeed contactor – no need for additional installments


Cost savings and sustainability

  • A new technical platform used in Eaton ́s three-phase UPS products guarantee easy upgrades, low MTTR, similarity on service trainings and documentation, thus lowering total cost of ownership.
  • A range of service agreement options can be easily customized for customers’ needs and budget.