Ansa Systems Limited, a STRATEGIC PARTNER of WATFORD CONTROL INSTRUMENTS manufacturers of Voltage Stabilizers and EATON Power Solutions, SAS manufacturers of POWERWARE® UPS, as a policy, offer product support including After Sales Service / Maintenance and Repairs for all models of their equipment.


We have adequate human and material resources to discharge efficiently our duties and responsibilities towards our clients.  The following resources and facilities are in place:


Key Management and Technical Staff


  • Three (3) Graduate Engineers with many years working experience.
  • One (1) Marketing Manager
  • Eleven (13) Electrical, Electronic Engineers and technicians with hands-on experience in both Watford Voltage Stabilizers and Powerware UPS installation, maintenance and repairs.
  • One (1) Accountant




Ansa Systems Limited has well equipped workshop in Accra for carrying out servicing,

maintenance and repairs on all equipment supplied.


Facilities at the workshop include Software for equipment testing and calibration, Oscilloscope, Multimeters,

Variable (Variac) Transformer, Battery Charger, Soldering Station and hand Tools.


Spare Parts


Ansa Systems Limited stocks the relevant spare parts/components for After Sales Service.  The Company, through

special arrangements, is able to source occasional unavailable parts or components from the manufacturers,

WATFORD CONTROL and EATON Power Solutions at the shortest possible time.


Training and On-line Technical Support


As Strategic Partner of Watford Control Instruments and EATON Power Solutions, Ansa Systems Limited provides

offshore and in-house refresher-training courses for their technicians to equip and upgrade their skills on new

models of Watford VS and Powerware UPS. The manufacturers also provide Technical Information on current

improvements in design and materials.


On-line technical support is, also, available from Watford Control and EATON Power Solutions on installation,

maintenance and repair of the UPS in mission critical environments to ensure continuous operation.